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Welcome to PennyLane Gift Shoppe. For close to eighteen years we were a brick and mortar store at two different locations and with two different owners. For the past nine years, it was my pleasure to be that owner. I met a wonderful group of people and their kids and sometimes their husbands. As my 65th birthday loomed and the number of grandchildren grew (all of whom lived out of state) the idea of retirement seemed more and more like what I wanted to do. But, and that was a big BUT, there were two things holding me back. Number one, I had a lot of inventory and number two, I LOVED selling and interacting with people on their special occasions. So this is the resolution to those problems. With the help of my wonderful son in Maryland, we have put up this web site as the new PennyLane for my retirement age. Please understand that this site will always be a work in progress. As new items come in they will be added to the site and as I come across older items in the basement, they will be added. So keep dropping by to see what's new, especially as the Christmas Holidays draw closer. Please feel free to comment, ask questions or make special requests. I love a challenge and if I can look to help you find that special gift it will be my pleasure to do so. Thanks for your patronage and here¿s to another great run for PennyLane! Sarah Fisher